- We have 2 covered big tops
- Extra shaded area implemented
- Tap water available at the bar with a separate queue
- You can bring an empty non glass bottle to refill
- Sun Cream up to 100ml allowed
- Extra water ordered
- Bottled water now available at cloak room, merch stall & an additional point
- We took Saturday tickets off sale before our legal & built for capacity for extra space around the site
- Sunday tickets will be taken off sale before our legal & built for capacity

Where is the Festival?

Lloyd Park in Croydon - CR0 5RA

How do I get to the Festival?

Please visit the Location page for travel options

Is there parking available?

There is currently no on site parking, please do not drive to the local area there are lots of public transport links

What time does the Festival start and finish?

12pm-9pm, last entry is 5pm

What time is last entry?

Last entry to the Festival is 5pm, if you have an early entry ticket you must join the queue by the allotted time or go to the box office to pay the sur charge

What is the search procedure on entry?

Please only attend if you understand there will be a full and thorough search including metal detecting arches and wands

What is the age limit and do I need ID?

This is an over 18s event, ID may be requested if you look young, the bar will operate a Challenge 25 Policy

Are bags allowed?

Only bags A4 Size or smaller are allowed, no bags any bigger such as large rucksacks. Searching large bags takes a lot longer and we want to make sure everyone gets in as quick as possible

Can I bring food or drink in with me?

No food or drink can be brought in, free tap water will be available at the bars and there will be a number of food traders

Can I bring in any other liquids or sprays?

No liquids or sprays can be brought in as these all have to be checked before entry and can hold up entry times, there will be complimentary perfumes and deodarant sprays available at the merchandise stand

Can I bring in sun cream?

100 ml of sun cream is allowed to be brought in, this will need to be tested on yourself before entry

Can I come in and out of the Festival?

There is strictly NO RE ENTRY, if you leave you will not be able to come back in

Can I get a refund on my ticket?

Tickets are non refundable unless a full cancellation happens (not re schedule)

Do you offer residents tickets?

If you live within one of the roads immediately around the park please get in touch at

Do you offer assistant tickets for disabilities?

Once you have purchased your ticket, please forward proof of disability to and we will provide you with a collect on the day confirmation. On the day the person requiring assistance must be in attendance and the complimentary assistant ticket can be collected from the box office after providing proof and ID.

What other prohibited items are there?

No illegal items, weapons, drugs, sharpe objects. No liquids or sprays and no large bags are allowed

Anyone in possession of these will be handed over to the Police


If you question is not answered please e-mail

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